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Email Performance Report & Analytics (Using New Program/Email for Each Send)
Email Performance Report & Analytics (Using New Program/Email for Each Send)
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Digesto allows you to track all your email statistics using native Marketo Analytics reports. This article suggests a method to setup your Marketo reports. For more ample documentation on Marketo reporting, please visit the Marketo Community.

Why Digesto Uses a New Program/Email for Each Send

Sending the same email multiple times to the same people in Marketo is not recommended. This will result in invalid email performance statistics as Marketo can only account for a single activity (open, clicks, etc) per email for each lead.

For that reason, Digesto will clone your original program into a new one each time an email goes out, hence generating a new email for each send. This approach is optimal as it allows you to accurately track email performance for each send.

This feature is enabled by default for all accounts created after June 30, 2017. If your account was created prior to this date, you can activate it by:
1) If you still use SOAP, update your Setup to use REST API.
2) Go to setup and select "Enable" (or Disable if you want to turn it off) using new program/email for each send.

How It Works

Digesto will create a new program for each email delivered.

  • New program will be created under the same parent folder as the original program.

  • New program will be named after "original program name + delivery date". Ex: Initial program "UK Digesto Feed." New program "UK Digesto Feed - 2017-05-01T18:31UTC."


  • Digesto must be integrated using REST API. Accounts created prior to June 2017 used SOAP by default. Revisit the setup section to update to REST.

  • Remove any Push Notifications, In-App Messages, Reports, and Social Assets from your Marketo program as these elements are not compatible with program cloning.


  • Digesto cloned programs should not rely on using active (triggered) smart campaigns, as the cloned program will result in these campaigns being inactive.

  • Digesto cloned programs should not rely on newly cloned program being synced with a SFDC Campaign, as the mapping of a given SFDC campaign will not be carried over during the cloning process.

Recommended Setup

To prepare for easy Digesto email reporting:

  • To keep things organized, create or move your dedicated Digesto program under a distinct folder as new programs will be created under that same parent folder by Digesto and a large volume of programs may be created over time,

  • To visualize your stats, use an Email Performance or Link Performance report and chose "send date = All time." Add Marketing Activities Emails as a filter and select the folder created earlier. When you run your report, each email distributed will appear as a separate email and program .

  • Optional - Use your original program as a centralized/parent program to track progressions and SFDC Sync if needed. Keep in mind that cloned programs will not have these functionalities, due to smart campaigns being inactive and SFDC campaign mapping being empty.

If you're one of the lucky few to have access to Email Insights, your Digesto email statistics can be visualized in a whole new way:

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