A/B Testing
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You can A/B test your Digesto email using the following method:

1) Prepare A and B Versions of Your Marketo Email
Create an email for each variation. We recommend you change only one element at a time, for example:
- Subject line
- Template colors
- Email title/headline
- Etc.

2) Split Your Email Send
From your Digesto Send Email Smart Campaign, use the random function to split the distribution of your two emails.

3) View Results
Once your email is distributed, you can view your results using Email Insights or from an Email performance report.

4) Declare Winner / Rinse & Repeat
For more details on A/B testing and statistical significance, check out this post from the Marketo Community.

Known Limitations:
Neither the Email Program A/B Test nor the Champion/Challenger method available in Marketo is compatible with Digesto Emails. Therefore, the method outlined here will not perform actions such as:
- Automated declaration of the champion
- Email alerts to declare a champion in the champion/challenger A/B test
- The post layout (portion populated by Digesto and sourced from your feed) cannot be split/tested using this method.

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