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How to Manage Your Blog Subscription System
How to Manage Your Blog Subscription System
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As you prepare to launch your first Digest in Digesto, you might realize you are missing a few of the pieces required to go live. For instance, Digesto assumes you already have a list of opted-in subscribers ready for your content emails. If for some reason you aren’t sure about this list, let’s review the components of a subscription system in Marketo.

Subscription Flag in Marketo and CRM

First, we need a way to tell Marketo and Digesto that an email address is opted-in. Check if you have this field already. It might be called “Blog subscribe” or “Newsletter” and look like a checkbox.

If you just have the “Unsubscribe” checkbox, let’s be sure to add a special one just for your blog. It is a best practice and it will be easier (and better) to send only blog content to people who requested it.

Ask your SFDC, Dynamics, etc. or Marketo Admin to help you create a field with the following instructions:

  • Lead and Contact Object, Mapped

  • Checkbox (True/False)/ Boolean field

  • Name: Blog Subscriber

Add fields to SFDC
Add Custom Field to Marketo Only [don’t do this unless you never plan to view it in SFDC]

Blog/Newsletter Signup System

With previous email platforms, you would create a form and place it on your website. Marketo is no different in that sense; however, it's good to setup a simple Program to capture and manage subscribers.

Blog Signup Form

Now you can create a special Marketo Form on your blog to ask people to subscribe.

Add desired fields. You can chose to have email only or add additional information such as name, company, etc.

Grab the embed code for the form and add it to your website.

Smart List of Opted-in Subscribers

To keep track of leads who opted-in, you could create a smart list.

And you can use this smart list anywhere you need to send out emails to Blog Subscribers, especially in your Digesto Program.

Importing Leads from Other Systems

If you are migrating from an older email platform or a system like Feedburner, you will need to import your subscribers as a Static List. Here are some tips for doing this:

  1. In the Old System, pull the list of opted-in subscribes. We don’t need those folks that opted out.

  2. Put them in a sheet, with at least the following fields: Email Address, Blog Subscriber.

  3. Follow the Import Instructions to add this list to a Static List in your Blog Program.

Suppression Lists

You may want to ensure your suppression lists are up-to-date. To send an email via Digesto to your blog subscribers, it is usually sufficient to include:

But if you are concerned about Competitors, Spam Traps, etc…be sure to build that list and add it here:

Reporting on Subscriber Trends over Time

Part of your job will include monitoring subscriber counts over time.

Where do you get those counts?

  • Smart List: Blog Subscribers

  • Program Summary: Member Counts

  • Campaign Summary: Member Counts

For example,

And that’s how you manage your blog subscription system!

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