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Building a Digesto Quality Assurance (QA) Program
Building a Digesto Quality Assurance (QA) Program
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Here is a simple way to build a QA program that will send a proof of your Digest to a list of internal leads prior to distributing it to your subscribers.

1) Clone Your Digest
Create a new digest and replicate the same settings that you have in your production Digest. Tip: opening a second tab on your browser and getting the two Digests side by side makes it easier to copy/past the Digest settings from one another. Also make sure to chose a distinct Name for your Digest (Ex: Digest Name - QA)

2) Setup Your QA Digest to Run Exclusively on the Test Campaign
Update the Campaign name so that is points out to your Test Campaign; this will ensure that your QA Digest will be sent exclusively to your Internal leads. The Marketo Program Name will remain the same as this Digest will use your production program, email, etc.

3) Update Your QA Digest's Schedule
Update your Digest's schedule so that it runs before your production Digest. We use 30 minutes internally, but it's up to you to determine what timeframe will work best for your needs.
Please keep in mind: if you leave too much delay between your QA run and your Production run, there is an increased risk that a new article may be published in between your QA run and Production run. We recommend a few hours at most.

4) Update/Validate Your QA List
Check your Digest Email Test Campaign's Smartlist and update the seed list if required. These are the leads that will also receive the your Test Digests.

5) Run a Test and Turn It On
Run a test on your new Digest to make sure there are no errors in your setup. Activate your QA Digest. Note that if you include multiple posts in an email, the first run of this QA Digest may include more posts than the production Digest - this is because the content history is fresh and all posts are considered as "new" content on the first run. This will get back to normal on the second run.

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