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I Clicked the Test Button but I Have Not Received Any Email - Why Not?
I Clicked the Test Button but I Have Not Received Any Email - Why Not?
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To validate if your test worked, go to Marketo and click on your TEST campaign within the original Digesto-connected Marketo Program. Then, click on the Schedule tab and you will see the exact time of the next run. Note that you should expect a delay of approximately 5 minutes after you click the TEST button before the email is sent by Marketo. For example, if you click on the test button in the Digest at 10:07am, the TEST campaign will be scheduled to run at 10:12am in Marketo.

If you still don't get the email, verify:

  • That your test lead(s) exist in your database

  • That your test lead(s) are not blocked from sending (unsubscribed, marketing suspended or blacklisted)

  • Check your spam folder for your test email.

  • Check that the Test smart campaign settings are set to "run through flow = every time" (otherwise your test lead can only receive test email once).

  • Check that the box blocking non-operational emails if your test leads are over communications limit is unchecked.

To help replicate/ troubleshoot this issue, you can:

  • Fire a test from Digesto and immediately go to the test smart campaign. Refresh your page and head for the schedule tab. Do you see the "next schedule" in the queue?

  • After the test campaign ran (usually five minutes after you initiated the test), access the test smart campaign and go to "results". Do you see any results?

  • You can also look at the activity logs in the test leads for additional insights on conflicting activities (lead being marketing suspended, etc.)

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