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Spring '14 - Release Notes (2014/04)
Spring '14 - Release Notes (2014/04)
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We've got new features for you!

Mobile Optimized Emails + Image Resize

Digesto can now automatically resize images from your blog post to adapt to the size of mobile devices. As a result, this will provide end-users with a smooth reading experience.

New Schedule Options

Multiple Times per Day

We have added the ability to schedule your Digest (that's how we call a Digesto Email Schedule) to run and check for new posts up to twelve times per day, making your RSS distribution a (almost) real-time Blog distribution tool.

To add multiples times per day, go to the Digest Editor, Repeats = Daily, select the desired days of week and click the "+Add Time" button to add additional times. As usual, the job will run, but emails will only go out if new content has been published since the last successful send.

Weekly with Skips

When selecting weekly schedules, you now have the ability to skip a number of weeks in between, providing yet again, a more flexible schedule.


From the Digest Editor, you now have the option to enable notifications to receive a status update of the job and get informed whether there were new posts sent to your subscribers.

Here is what the alert will look like:

"View the Full Article"

This feature will help increase CTR by adding a call-to-action to articles that have less than 500 characters and link to your original blog post. See example below!

Changed Date from RFC 822 Format to US Format

The post date has been updated to reflect the standard date format (for humans to read) as opposed to using the date format provided in RSS and Atom Feeds.

Support for Text-Only Emails

A new token is now available for you to use in the Text version of your emails. It has been cleaned up from HTML code so that users with text-only emails and text-only devices (yes it still exists) can receive your Digesto emails.

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