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Fall '14 - Release Notes (2014/11)
Fall '14 - Release Notes (2014/11)
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Digest Designer

Design Your Emails to Match Your Brand

The Digest Designer gives you the ability to create a custom design for your Digesto Emails. This has been our most popular improvement idea on the community forums and we're glad to announce that it's now available to all.

Now when editing your digest, watch for the new Layout section and chose between the three design Templates:

1) Default: Choose the Default template to stick with Digesto's default layout.
2) Simple: Use the Simple template to apply custom color, font style, font size, and basic style to each element of your feed.
3) Advanced: With the Advanced template you can add/edit any styling or HTML code to control every elements of your email. It gives you additional options like adding horizontal lines, controlling line height, selecting more colors, etc.

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