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Winter '15 - Release Notes (2015/11)
Winter '15 - Release Notes (2015/11)
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Digesto has improved! Here is the new set of features recently added.

Limit the Length of Each Post

You can now better control and standardize the formatting of your Digests by restricting the number of characters to display in the body section of each post. More specifically, this is applied to the item used in the body of your Digest template, whether you use the abstract (<description>) or full article (<content-encoded>).

You can set the Max Characters limit from the Digest Editor under Template - > Advanced settings.

International / Localized Post Date Formatting

It's now possible to set the post date format to match your readers preferred format. Simply select the region and locale and the post date display in the chosen format.

International Date Format is available from the Digest Editor under Template - > Advanced settings.

Extract Images from <media:content> Element

If your feed contains a <media:content> element declared as images, Digesto now has the ability to use it in your Digesto Email.

"Media" is an RSS module that supplements the <enclosure> element capabilities of RSS 2.0 to allow for more robust media syndication. More details are available on the Media page of the RSS Board.

From your Digest editor, toggle to code view (</>) and use this tag to insert media content Image's URL into your template: {{ITEM-MEDIA-CONTENT-IMAGE-URL}}.

Other Improvements

  • When Image Inline Style is left blank, Digesto will let original CSS from your post get passed into the email (we where previously forcing a resize to max-width:90%; max-height:auto;).

  • UI improvements: The Digest Editor was simplified by grouping advanced options under Digest Template. Select the "Advanced" Digest Template to access advanced features such as custom layout editor, max characters, date locale, social sharing and styling options, etc.

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