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Fall '17 - Release Notes (2017/11)
Fall '17 - Release Notes (2017/11)
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Digesto has improved! Here is the new set of features recently added.

New Template Gallery

Access a multitude of pre-built email designs at your fingertips. Both new or existing accounts can upgrade to one of our sixteen templates (and growing), which are free and available to everyone. The new templates include both the Marketo Email Template and the posts layout. All templates are mobile optimized, fully compatible with Marketo emails (1.0 or 2.0), and cover a multitude of uses: digest or full post, centered or left aligned, with or without post image, etc.

For new customers: access our templates from the digest editor. You can’t miss the new carousel navigation bar.

For existing users, select “Change Template” to access the Gallery.

Template Gallery

Select your preferred template and let Digesto push the Marketo portion of your email (outline) as a new Marketo Email Template in your Design Studio. It will appear under “Digesto - Your Digest Name.” Use this new template as you create your blog email and customize it with your logo, colors, etc. using the Marketo Editor.

The Dynamic portion (post layout) is still available in Digesto for you to tweak it to fit your needs using our WYSIWYG Editor.

As you run a test or activate your scheduled run, it all comes together!

Live Preview

Get an instant preview of your new email with real blog content. Toggle between Live Preview and Customize mode to edit your template and immediately view the impact of your changes.

Auto Save & Progressive Validation

You can now start your Digest setup and return later without losing your content. Digesto saves all changes as you make them. A final validation is also completed as you get ready to test or activate your Digest.

Whitelisting for IP based API Access

Increase API security using Marketo whitelisting of web services access. Note that Digest still runs on dynamic IP address by default. Contact to request a static IP address.

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