Digesto has improved! Here is the new set of features recently added.

One-to-One Personalization (Beta)

Digesto One-to-One Personalization allows for a single email to go out with personalized content matching a given person’s preferences. When Digesto runs on your chosen schedule, emails will be tailored to subscribers’ specific categories and/or authors selected, meaning each subscriber only receives updates on the posts that they are interested in.

Learn how One-to-One Personalization Works >

Bug Fixes and Security Upgrades

Server upgrades have been performed and various bugs have been fixed, including:
- Renew Marketo API token if it expires during processing.
- Improved notification message on specific RSS feed errors.- Improved notification message on Marketo API Error.- Fixed bi-weekly scheduling sending weekly.
- Digest template shows "undefined" due to script conflicts.
- Account is reactivated automatically after client cancellation.
- Server error if empty value on Schedule Day.

- New password shows as invalid on update (despite if it's valid).

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