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Step 2 - Create Your First Digest
Step 2 - Create Your First Digest
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From your Dashboard, click "Add Digest" and fill out the required fields. Note that your changes are automatically saved as you move forward, so you can get back to it at any time.


  1. Name your Digest.

  2. Provide your RSS feed URL. This is the link to your RSS or Atom feed. Read more here.

  3. Set Max Posts - enter the maximum number of posts you want included in each email send.
    (Explanation: Let's say you set Max Posts to three. If no new posts have been made since the last successful send, no email will go out and Digesto will wait until the next scheduled run. If there are two new posts, two will be included. If there have been five new posts, only the most recent three will be included in the email.)

  4. Browse our templates and select one that fits your layout. You can later customize it with your own images, logos, fonts, and colors.
    These templates include both the Marketo Email Template and the Digest Posts layout. All templates are mobile optimized, fully compatible with Marketo emails (1.0 or 2.0) and cover a multitude of uses: summary/excerpt or full post, centered or left-aligned, with or without post image, etc. As you select a template, you will be asked to specify a workspace where the Marketo Template will be "pushed." You will use this template in step 3 as you create your Marketo Program.

    ...or Bring Your Own Marketo Template.
    The easiest way to setup your email is to pick one of our integrated templates, but If you still prefer to use your own Marketo Template, browse the template gallery and pic a template with the "BYO Marketo" Tag. We also suggest contacting us here to let us know and our team can create a Digesto-friendly version of your Marketo template as part of your subscription / at no extra charge.


Specify your blog distribution schedule. When your Digest is active (i.e. turned "On"), Digesto will follow that schedule to look for new content on your feed and remotely initiate the distribution of your blog email. If no new content has been published, it will do nothing until the next scheduled time.

Marketo Settings

It's time to create your Marketo Program! Go to step 3. Once you're done, get back to the Marketo Settings section and fill in the program and campaign names.

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