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Using SB RSS Feed Plus to Add Featured Images to Your Feed (WordPress)
Using SB RSS Feed Plus to Add Featured Images to Your Feed (WordPress)
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Digesto supports many ways to integrate images into your RSS email. But if you don't have images in your feed, you are doomed! ...Not so fast.

While you can hard code your website to push images into your RSS feed (i.e. in WordPress for example, you would insert relevant code in the functions.php file), this quick tutorial will show you how to install the SB RSS Feed plugin*, a free WordPress Plugin to populate feature images into your feed. Note that SB RSS Feed plus is not a solution of MERGE nor affiliate and is not supported as part of your Digesto subscription.

Step 1 - Download and install the SB RSS Feed plugin

Step 2 - Activate and Setup the Plugin
The plugin is now accessible under Settings -> SB RSS Feed +

  • Chose "Add enclosure tag" option to add images as enclosures (recommended)

  • Or chose "Add media:content tag" option for more granular control of image sizes. These size are determined by your WP template. Make sure the size of the output image will fit the required size for your email template (ensure it's not too small since if so, it will blur; nor should it be larger than the email width as it's difficult to restrict img size in Outlook while being responsive).

  • Leave everything else turned off

Step 3: Check Your Feed (and Wait for the Update)
Check your feed for the newly added tag (CTRL+F will allow you to search) - look for <enclosure> or <media:content> elements.

Congrats, you've just added featured images to your RSS feed!

* RSS Feed Plus is an independent solution and is not owned or supported by Digesto.

** If the RSS Feed Plus plugin doesn't work on your blog/site, other people have recommended this one, so you can try that too. Finally, if you are comfortable coding, you could manually add code to your functions.php file to directly accomplish pushing the featured image into an <enclosure> tag in your RSS feed.

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