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Compare Feedburner vs. Digesto
Compare Feedburner vs. Digesto
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Feedburner is a free tool from Google that distributes blog emails. See the chart below outlining the differences and gaps between Google's feed management solution and Digesto:





Automated Distribution

Both automatically distribute blog update emails to subscribers

Capture Form

Feedburner has a form, but you can't customize it. Feedburner does NOT integrate the data with Marketo.
Digesto uses a native Marketo form enabling data integration, custom fields, form prefill, tracking, etc.

Custom Content

Custom / user editable layout

Custom Email Design

Digesto offers:
- Custom professional designs
- Mobile optimized designs
- Templates aligned with your branding
- The ability to leverage existing Marketo templates

Email Tracking & Analytics

Digesto runs the email sends through Marketo, so gives access to built-in performance reports or Email Insight Analytics

Flexible Schedule

Digesto allows for a custom schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, real time)


Feedburner is free; Digesto is paid solution

Marketo Integrated Database

With Digesto, you can use your Marketo Lead Database to track subscribers


Digesto offers email, phone, and/or live screenshare support by Marketo certified experts


Built in 2004. Not updated since 2012

Built in 2013. Approximately 3 releases per year

Other features

Feed readers opt-in

Date locale, social media sharing, custom scheduling, etc.

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