The Digesto "My Account" section is your "self-service" portal to manage all your Account details. Here is an overview of the related sections:

First, in order to access "My Account," click on your username and then "My Account."

Subscription Details
View your current plan. Click "Change Plan" to view other plans available.

Change Plan

Select your (new) Plan. You can toggle between monthly and yearly options.

Basic Account Details

Edit account name, email, password, etc.

Billing Information

Add, update, or edit your billing method and billing contact info.

Cancel Account

To cancel your account, go to the Billing Information section (see above) and select "View More / Edit" button.

On this screen look for the Subscription section and select Cancel Subscription. Doing so will schedule the account deactivation at the date set for you next renewal. Your account will remain accessible until your next subscription anniversary.

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