You can access Digest logs and visualize all activity on your Digest. The logs provide a detailed view of your run schedule, with the status of your email delivery and the number of new posts distributed. From your Dashboard, access the logs page from the menu below:

Sort your logs by "Trigger Time" to see the most recent logs. Note that all times are UTC.

Look for the "Status" column to know the job result. Status includes:

  • SUCCESS: Job ran normally

  • SUCCESS - No leads match criteria (Digesto one-to-one personalization only) : New content was detected, but none of your subscribers had preferences matching the newly published content.

  • NO_POST: No new content was detected at the time of running the Job.

  • ERROR_MARKETO - Marketo Error - Invalid tokens in Marketo program. Please check your Marketo program.

  • ERROR_UNKNOWN: An error occurred. Job did not run as expected. Verify your Marketo Program configurations. Contact support for assistance.

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