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Troubleshoot and Error Codes
Troubleshoot and Error Codes
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No Error Code

Source: Various sources

Potential issues: This is usually due to an invalid setting on your Marketo programs/campaigns or communication limits.


- Was there any new post published since the last time Digesto distributed your email (Digesto only distributes emails if new posts are added)? Are the latest blog posts also visible on your RSS feed? If you have published new posts and they don't appear on your feed, try disabling cache on your RSS feed pages.

- Check your Marketo campaign smartlist: review your filters and criteria. Go to the schedule tab and review the count of qualified and blocked leads.

- Check your Marketo campaign results: did the campaign run?

If yes, check the results tab for email delivery or delivery errors. Look at specific entries for errors such as email bounces, delayed delivery, daily limit reached, etc.

If not, check your Marketo campaign schedule. On the Schedule tab, ensure that leads can run through the flow every time.

Also verify that qualified leads are not blocked, i.e. marketing suspended or unsubscribed, etc.

Marketo Error - Unknown Error

Source: This is due to an API communication error with Marketo

Potential issues: Marketo server unavailable, API limit reached, insufficient API permissions


- Verify your API credentials in Digesto: Access Digesto/Setup. Verify API credentials and Save. Look for error messages - if your credentials are saved normally, then it is valid.
- Verify your API setup in Marketo: Go to Marketo/Admin/Users & Roles. Note the "Role" for the User that you created for Digesto to use in the LaunchPoint connection. Next, click on "Roles" and verify that the required "Permissions" match that which is required for the Digesto connection to work (see the "Minimal REST API settings" in this article).

- Verify API Usage. Go to Marketo/Admin/Web Services. Under API Call Information, look for the daily limit and click that number for a review of your usage history. Max limit is 10,000 API calls per day by default. If this number has been reached, contact your Marketo AE to increase the limit, or try to reduce the volume by disabling unnecessary calls/services.
- Check that your RSS feed is valid. Run your feed through this validation service: and ensure it validates.

- Go to any Digest and fire a test. If your test works normally, the error was a temporary and the situation is now back to normal. Your Digest will resume normally.

Marketo Error - Invalid Program / Campaign Name

Source: This is due to the Marketo Program name or campaign name(s) not matching in the Digest settings, or, a Marketo API transient error (code 713).

Potential issues: Typing the name of these assets or copy-paste may have added spaces, changed character encoding, or, systems might not be 100% in sync.


- Redo the copy/paste of program, production campaign, and test campaign names.

- Delete any extra spaces before or after the names

- Replace or delete any special characters or accents (replicate this change in both Marketo and Digesto)

- Wait a couple minutes, then edit the Digesto field and save - look for specific error messages that pop up.

- If due to Marketo transient error code 713, it means "a system resource was temporarily unavailable at the time of the API call" and "when this error is encountered, it is advised to wait for a period of time and then retry the request," so, we recommend going to your Digest and firing a test. If your test works normally, the error was a temporary issue and the situation is now back to normal and your Digest will resume normally. You can reschedule the Digest to send now, or simply wait until the next scheduled run.

RSS Feed Error - Unknown Error

Source: This is due to your RSS feed being invalid or inaccessible (permanently or temporarily)

Potential issues: A new plugin or change to your CMS settings may have resulted in an undesired change in your feed. The feed/server may also be non responsive or unavailable at the time. This could also be caused by security settings on your feed preventing Digesto from accessing it.


- Open a browser and type your RSS feed address to verify it is accessible

- Run your feed through this validation service: and ensure it validates

- Go to your Digest and fire a test. If your test works normally, the error was a temporary issue and the situation is now back to normal and your Digest will resume normally.

- If all the above have been tried and it's still not working, ensure you are not blocking Digesto from accessing your feed. See this article for the user-agent Digesto uses to whitelist if necessary, or contact us and we'll give you another workaround to try.

RSS Feed Error - Invalid Feed Format
Source: This indicates that your RSS Feed does not respect the standards of RSS feed formatting or that you do not use a supported RSS or Atom Version (RSS 1.0 or above, Atom 1.0 or above). Digesto requires a valid feed in order to parse content from it.

- We've got a few tools that could help you figure out what's wrong and help you fix it - See the feed specifications article, or check out our toolbox for RSS feeds.

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