Test Your Digest

At the bottom of the Digest editor, click the TEST button and confirm the test:

You can also save your Digest and trigger your test from the dashboard view:

The TEST will grab all posts (as opposed to the scheduled Digest, which will only grab newly-published content since the last run) up to the max number of posts that you have setup, inject that content in the email using the token in the Marketo email, and will schedule the TEST Campaign in your Marketo Program for immediate run.

To visualize the flow in Marketo, select your TEST campaign within the Digesto-connected Marketo Program (refresh it if it's already opened) and go to the Schedule tab. You will see the exact time of the next run. Note that there is a five-minute delay from when you press the "Test" button.

When the TEST campaign runs, members of the TEST list will receive the email (assuming they are leads in your instance and are not blocked in any way - see here for troubleshooting if you do not receive the test as expected).

Activate Your Digest

To activate your Digest, simply toggle the button from OFF to ON.

NOTE: Do not attempt to schedule manually the campaign in Marketo as this will result with the send of an empty email to your subscribers. When "On," Digesto will execute the Marketo campaign and add new posts at the specified time automatically.

And voilĂ  - you are done! You have successfully scheduled your first Digest.

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